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About the Artist

About the Artist

Kathy Sutherland has studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at the University of Utah, Utah Technical College, Snow College and The Peterson Art Center.  To keep her artistic edge, she routinely attends art workshops, working with prominent artists.  She is a Signature Member of the Utah Watercolor Society, receiving numerous awards. Four of her recent paintings have been accepted into The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, with the painting “Crow” being honored with the prestigious “SWS 50th Anniversary Award.”  Both paintings: Seek and Go Hide” and “The Standing Stones of County Meath” won merchant awards in the Western Federation competitions.  She is now a signature member of that organization. Her work has been displayed in local galleries: Utah Artists Hands, Atelier Gallery and Alpine Art, the University Women’s Art Exhibitions,The Sandy City Watercolor Guild, the Sandy City Art Counsel, The Intermountain Society of Artists, and the Spring Salon and Spiritual exhibits at the Springville Museum of Fine Art. She was the featured artist at the 2013 Sandy City Art Gala.

Kathy has conducted watercolor classes in her private studio for twenty five years.  She teaches all ages and abilities and maintains an enrollment of forty artists.  Many young students have gone on to earn their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of Fine Art and now practice their craft  professionally as educators and freelance artists in Fine Art and Graphic Design.  Kathy’s adult students have learned to love the creative process and their beautiful paintings grace the homes of friends and family.  Some market their work successfully and display their paintings in local venues.

There is an inherent mystery in most of Kathy’s paintings.  Her work is intended to stimulate an awareness of self for the viewer.  She has also painted with a sense humor in a recent series of irascible old ladies.  She works primarily in watercolor because of the freedom and unexpected nature of the medium.  “It keeps you on your toes and dictates to you what it want and needs.  One must surrender to watercolor and allow it’s whims and temperament to assist the creative process.”

Kathy believes that “art mirrors life, and if we use our own unique experience, we have great power at our fingertips to create expressive and beautiful works of art.”